Villages & Cities

Parkstad Limburg has various nice cities and villages which you should definitely visit during your vacation at Camping De Watertoren. That's the charm of the region: the beautiful variety of cities and nature. Villages like Rimburg and Waubach, cities like Kerkrade, Landgraaf and Heerlen are definitely worth a visit during your stay.

For example, go shopping, eat out or visit nice museums and other attractions.

Cities of Parkstad Limburg

Parkstad Limburg has some very nice cities that you should definitely visit during your stay at our campsite. One example is, Heerlen. Heerlen is a pleasant city in the Parkstad region. You can go for lovely walks and enjoy all kinds of fun sights, such as Street Art Heerlen and the Mine Museum. In addition, Landgraaf and Kerkrade are nice to visit and easy to reach from the campsite. In Landgraaf a lot of music is made. The town is known for the Pinkpop music festival, but throughout the year various musicians, bands, brass bands and fanfares come here to perform. You would'nt want to miss that! In Kerkrade you'll find the beautiful Gaiazoo zoo.

Cosy Villages

Also for picturesque villages you are at the right place. For example, near the campsite you will find the beautiful village Rimburg, the green pearl of Landgraaf. Rimburg is full of old, authentic houses, which makes a walk through the village very enjoyable. Another nice village in Parkstad is Eygelshoven. Eygelshoven is a very nice weekly market. People come from all over the area to buy the best fresh products here. But also the church village of Waubach is known for it's beauty. 

Other cities in South-Limburg

Outside Parkstad Limburg are a number of other cities that are fun to visit. The best known is probably Maastricht, the capital of Limburg. In Maastricht there is plenty to do. For example, visit the Basilica of Saint Servatius. This beautiful church gives a nice glimpse into the past. Or visit Fort Sint-Pieter, on top of Sint-Pietersberg. Would you rather go shopping? Then Maastricht is also the city you want to go to.

Some other very nice cities to visit are:

  • The beautiful Valkenburg.
  • Gulpen, with the Gulpener brewery.
  • The cosy Sittard