Put on your walking shoes!

Parkstad Limburg is also a great place for hiking.  The beautiful nature makes every walk a unique experience. The surroundings of Camping De Watertoren is therefore a very good walking area. With beautiful forests, hills, meadows and sights, you can make a walk around Camping De Watertoren a very pleasant experience. For example through the nature of the Brunnsummerheide, or along the border. Or discover the Roode Beek, a Nature Park in Parkstad that leads you past Scottish Highlanders and the German border. What's more, the campsite is right next to Germany. So you can also choose to go for a nice walk near our eastern neighbors.

Discover the Brunssummerheide

There is a hiker's paradise in the Parkstad region. This region is known as Brunssummerheide. This nature reserve on the border with Germany promises hours of trekking fun. You can take multiple routes here without passing by the same location more than once. In short, hiking is fantastic here!
Discover Brunssummerheide with this route.

Routes from the campsite

During the high season you can join our evening walks in Limburg under the guidance of guides from IVN. This gives you and your family the ultimate opportunity to explore the nature of Limburg and its surroundings. You can easily start from the campsite. There are several routes mapped out for you. You can choose a route of 3, 8 or 12 kilometers. If you start from the campsite you can do so with the numbers 176, 881 or 727.

If you would like more choice, you can check out the multiple hiking trails from the campground and surrounding area via the links below. This is definitely worthwhile.

Walking guide South-Limburg

Walking routes Parkstad Limburg