Limburg by Bike

When discussing cycling in the Netherlands, the topic quickly shifts to Limburg. The province is renowned as one of the most attractive riding destinations. This is absolutely true for the Parkstad region of Limburg. The region surrounding Camping De Watertoren has several excellent bike routes for exploring Parkstad. There are routes along castles, paths through nature, and many more. 

Cyclists love South Limburg for it's rich natural beauty and offers several cycling facilities. In addition, the region offers a variety of cycling-related events. Two popular instances are the 'Amstel Gold Race' and 'Limburgs Mooiste'. Yet, there are many excellent routes for beginner cyclists as well. The landscape around our campsite is flatter than the actual south of Limburg, making it easier for tourists to cycle.

Beautiful routes through Parkstad

 The region is ideal for cyclists. This is due to the stunning nature, landscapes, and numerous places of interest along the roads. We strongly advise starting cycling directly from the campsite. The campsite is near Rimburg, the green pearl of Landgraaf. Rimburg is a great place to visit, and it is well worth stopping by on your cycling ride.


Castles & Parkstad

When using the Castle Route Parkstad Limburg, you will witness what the region is famous for: it's castles. This path will take you through several of the castles that this region is known for. You will cycle by Castle Hoensbroek, Terworm, and Meezenbroek, as well as the ruins of several castles. In brief, a beautiful trip through the region's castles.
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