General conditions & campsite regulations

Recron Conditions
For your stay we use the conditions of the Recron:

Conditions tourist pitches

Conditions for permanent pitches

Conditions seasonal pitches

Conditions vacation stays

Camping regulations
The following rules apply on the campsite:

These house rules are intended to provide clarity on a large number of practical matters on the site and can be seen as "rules of conduct". If a holiday maker does not keep to the 'rules of stay' this may in extreme consequence lead to cancellation of the agreement by the campsite management. As a general guideline, in case of doubt or questions, please consult with the campsite management.

  1. All agreements for stays at Camping de Watertoren are concluded in accordance with the Recron standard conditions.
  2. Each holiday maker is expected to respect other campers and to behave as a 'good and tolerant camper'.
  3. The free entrance of the campsite is only allowed for already registered holidaymakers. They do not always have to report at arrival.
  4. Visitors and lodgers must report to reception in advance. They have to pay the visitor's fee or the overnight stay in accordance with the price list.
  5. The registered holiday maker is responsible for the behavior of his/her visitors and/or lodgers. Visitors and guests must also observe the rules and customs.
  6. Each holiday maker shall receive 1 barrier key per rented site, which also serves as a shower key upon payment of a deposit of € 25,=. This key is strictly personal and may not be transferred to third parties. Upon return the deposit will be returned. In case of loss, the right to a refund of the deposit expires.
  7. The barrier is closed between 23.00 pm and 7.00 am.
  8. Each holiday maker is expected to have and to keep his/her pitch and camping means in a good and tidy condition. Should the campsite management consider the guest to be in default in this respect, it may force the guest to make up for these shortcomings by means of warnings and notices.
  9. Each holiday maker has the right to park one car on his own pitch. Any second cars and/or cars of visitors or lodgers must be parked in the parking lot at the entrance. It is not allowed to use the car for internal transport on the campsite.
  10. Driving a moped or scooter on the site must be done at walking pace.
  11. The maximum speed allowed on roads and paths of the campsite is 5 km per hour; i.e. at walking pace. Children, cyclists and walkers must be respected by drivers.
  12. Noise pollution must be avoided at the campsite. Music and television systems should not be disturbingly audible outside your own pitch. Use of other noise sources, such as machines, mopeds and motorcycles, should be avoided as much as possible.
  13. From 23.00 hours (until 07.00 hours) it should be quiet on the site.
  14. It is allowed to place party tents, windshields, parasols, etc. provided that these are removed after an absence of more than 24 hours.
  15. It is not allowed for holidaymakers to engage in commercial and/or catering activities etc. on the camping grounds. (Tap installations are not allowed)
    Disturbances to utilities (electricity, water, etc.) must always be reported in time to the reception or to the canteen.
  16. It is appreciated if suspicious matters are reported; information provided will be treated confidentially.
  17. The use of tap water for car washing and/or spraying etc. is not permitted.
  18. The campsite's catering facilities are open at set times. These will be announced at the entrance to the restaurant. Excessive alcohol consumption will be prevented and there will be a strict closing time of 23:00. A number of evenings per season this closing time will be deviated from in connection with special activities, etc. In some cases the closing time will be extended to a maximum of 01.00 o'clock.
  19. Pets are allowed on the grounds (provided they have been registered) under the following conditions:
    - on the grounds always on a leash.
    - On the pitch a long leash of max. 6 meters is allowed.
    - Walking dogs etc. must always be done outside the grounds.
    - Noise nuisance caused by barking, for example, must be prevented.
    - Please remove any accidents with a shovel. (This also applies to the parking lot at the main entrance). Special bags are available at the reception. Dogs of visitors/guests are not allowed.
  20. The use of barbecues is permitted provided smoke does not disturb fellow campers. In very dry weather a ban may be issued.
  21. Campfires are prohibited.
  22. Diving is not allowed in the swimming pool. Children under 12 years of age may enter the pool area only under the supervision of, for example, parents.
    There is no supervision in our pool. You remain responsible as a recreational user.