Moeder en zoon


We believe sufficient bathroom facilities must be provided on the campsite. Thus the reason we have a comfortable sanitary building in the centre of the site for everyone to use. There are extra toilets near the swimming pool and main playground. 

Toilets, showers and washrooms

The main sanitary building contains a variety of facilities. The building is separated into 2 separate areas, one for men and one for women.

Men's restrooms include three toilets and two urinals. 

Additionally, there are 4 showers and 3 washbasins.

The same applies for the women's side, except there are five toilets.

Each side includes a children's toilet.


The sanitary building includes a wheelchair-accessible room, a baby area with a bathtub including sprinklers, a family shower, and 6 dishwash units.

There are 4 new washing stations located outside the building. 

The sanitary building includes heated floors, so you'll always feel at ease!