Moeder en zoon


We believe that good sanitary facilities are indispensable on the campsite. That is why we have a luxury sanitary block in the middle of the campsite which everyone can use. There is also a toilet block near the swimming pool and playground.

Toilets, showers and washrooms

In the sanitary building there are several facilities. The building is divided into a men's and women's section. On the men's side there are 3 toilets and 2 urinals. In addition, there are 4 showers and 3 washbasins. The same applies to the women's side, only here there are 5 toilets. Both sides also have a children's toilet.

Other provisions

The sanitary building also has a disabled area, a baby area (bathtub with sprinkler), a family shower and 6 dishwashing areas where you can wash up. On the outside of the building there are 4 new washing-up places available. 

The sanitary building has underfloor heating, so your visit is always extra pleasant!